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These images were created while I was trying to come up with an entry for the weekly macro challenge group with the theme "Yellow". I had been using a syringe from a childs Nurofen bottle to squirt, drop and dribble yellow food colouring into a wine glass full of water.

Whenever taking several images like this we can end up with images that have worked, ones that completely went wrong due to timing not being right etc and also some that are not quite up to scratch but there may be something about the image that we quite like anyway. These images have something about them that I quite like but I would not use them on their own. One thing that I would sometimes do in this case rather than have them sit on my hard drives doing nothing is to use some of them to create another image and in this case a Triptych.

The thick grey line that runs across each of the images is the top of the wine glass as I wanted to record what happens below the water as well as above it. In keeping with the "Yellow" theme I used a simple gradient in the background behind each of the images. The yellow in the lower half of the two outer images was due to me not changing the water for more than around four or five exposures but I quite liked the effect.

So for three of my images that would maybe never have seen the light of day I thought I would just share a tip and make something slightly more interesting out of them.
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