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While I was capturing my previous upload for the weekly macro challenge which involved pouring cake decorations over a fairy cake case full of them I also had the idea of photographing a marble being dropped into it which would be a bit like a dry version of water splash photography.

This turned out to be no less messy though and at least with water drop photography any spillage can be wiped away with a towel. Smile

I could have used a hoover but in the end I spent a bit more time gathering up all the decorations which were sent flying by each marble drop when I had finished. Smile

This is actually a composite of a few images. In all the images that I captured the decorations seemed to be sent flying one way more than the other so I selected two images and then blended them so the "Splash" seemed more balanced. In addition I also decided to include a shot of the marble which I had captured when I triggered the exposure too soon as this adds a bit of interest to the upper part of the photo. The real marble can just about be seen among the mass off decorations inside the fairy cake case.
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